Whatsapp Messages Backups in Google Drive are Not Encrypted

Whatsapp Messages Backup in Google Drive are Not Encrypted

Whatsapp allows it's users end-to-end encryption for their messages and media, but it will not remain same if you Backup on Google Drive.

Whatsapp Users can Backup all their Messages and Media to their associated Google account through Google's servers in Google Drive. but Now if you Backup your messages and media files on your google drive then it will not be end-to-end encrypted as WhatsApp provides it, users, if their messages are on Whatsapp application.

This will be in activation after 12 nevember.yes, you are reading absolutely correct after 12th of November if you Backup your Messages on Google Drive then they are Not end-to-end Encrypted.

on August 16 Whatsapp has Said they Signed a Pact with Google According to it " If you Backup Your Whatsapp messages it will be stored on Google 's Server on Google Drive Without any Quota".

Before this, if you Backup your Whatsapp Messages on Google Drive they Were stored in the 15 GB of Free Space Which Google Provides to every account Created on Google.
So, now after 12th November if you Backup Your Whatsapp Messages On Google Drive they will be stored without any Quota.
now Whatsapp had Said that Whatsapp Messages Backup In Google Drive is Not Encrypted.

WhatsApp has also said this in 2017 when they made available the Google Drive Backups. that Whatsapp Messages on Google Drive are Not Encrypted and Now again when They Signed A pact With Google they Said this.

This is very Serious matter as recently Whatsapp had a matter with Indian Government that they will Not share any Information about the Message like From Where it came? Who Created this Message?
and WhatsApp said No to Indian Government By saying their User's Privacy is Important and all messages are end-to-end Encrypted .so, they can't share any Information with the Indian government and Now they are Saying if their Users Backup their Messages on Google Drive they are not Encrypted.

According to a Tech Analyst, he says that it is just a feature that has been added in Whatsapp as other Normal Features and it depends on the user that whether he Backups his WhatsApp messages to Google Drive or Not when still he knows that his messages are Not Encrypted.

According to a Report it has been saying that Whatsapp Messages which are Backed up on Google Drive will be erased after a year.so, after a year all your Messages which you had Backed up on Google Drive will be deleted automatically.

So, that's all that the Matter about it is.Now it Depends on you Wheather you Backup your Whatsapp Messages on Google Drive or not.
If you are Backing Up then you should have Faith in Google Because Google is super High Tech Company and I Don't Think they will Share your Whatsapp Messages and Media which are Backed up on Google Drive With anyone and neither any hacking problem will happen to them.


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